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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The newest on Morgan Layne!

So in my last post I ended on the note "we will be finding something else for her" Well.... I think Im losing the battle and now learning the lesson to not hold your kids back when there is something they really want. We thought the first tournament would get it out of her "system" and she would want to do something different. Well actually it made her want to do it more. She has now wrestled in 3 tournments altogether and has gotten a 1st place and a 3rd! She had not been pinned once and has pinned twice. She wrestles very tough and smart and people comment as they walk by "what a tough little girl" So..... Im going to have to let her keep doing it for now. I am going to have to get over the fact right now that she is in a boys sport because she is doing great. We have had very positive feedback by everyone so there is no reason to make her stop. We will see when the new season comes around how she feels about it. She is very excited to start practice. Luke sees potiental in her and says she will be great! :) There is another tournament this weekend that she will wrestle in. Kobi is also doing great and is loving that his sister is wrestling, withch makes me very happy. He has one his last few tournaments and got third in the one were he finally got to wrerstle to kids that are awesome!!! He lost by a few points but did great!!! In a few weekends is Nationals for Kobi here in Denver. He is very excited about it and can not wait to go!

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