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The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.~ Bertrand Russell

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hicking this past summer! Cant wait to do way more this summer! the kids are for sure old enough now to pack in!!! :) we will see! Oh and Morgan only had her shirt of for a few minutes! I promise she knows she is a girl! :) I just liked this pic!
Last year at metro state! They all took 1st!
I have to put this on here just to rememer it someday :) they are so cute together! I remember my dad playing barbies with me! Morgan will remember writing on her daddy and playing salon with a whole bottle of gel!! :) so cute!

Morgan Layne

I have not written in this blog for over a year (or two!) so I thought I would start! I know I am going to be kicking myself when they are older and I realize I didnt document anything!
At the very start of this blog our 6 year old little girl asked us if she could wrestle. Yes that mean wrestle boys. We said no for a few weeks and then decided what the heck. I think on the last blog I wrote something like " now we will be finding her something else that she will like" well that has not been the case. She loves and and is doing wonderful! As the picture shows she was awarded the first outstanding female wrestler in over 11 years at a Rocky Mountain Nationals Tournament" This means she won, and she had the fasted pins out of anyone in her age group! It was very exciting to watch her walk on the stage and recive this! It was for sure a very proud moment. It was at the middle school state tournament in the Denver Collisum in front of a thousand people! She is doing such a great job with wrestling and continues to improve every day! In the wrestling community she is very much loved and supported! I know outside of that people to not agree with girls wrestling boys, but we will deal with that as we go! Great Job Morgan!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My amazing "little" boy :)

The other day we were getting school supplies ready for 2nd grade on Wednesday!!!As I was getting the markers out of the box Kobi started saying that he bets he is going to get made fun of a lot this year because he hasn't grown at all. As I had a black marker in my hand (washable ;) I didn't say a word to him about his concerns, I just started writing all over him ;) It changed the mood right away and made him smile and proud of himself. He is going to have a great year no matter how much shorter he is then all the other kids!!! I love my little man!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

6 dollars= 2 skate boards and some moon shoes! haha

They were laughing so hard as they were trying to compare whos was taller! who would of thought 6 dollars would bring a whole day of fun and a LOT of laughing! :)

Our neighbor had a yard sale so needless to say the kids got a good deal on some fun stuff! ;) One of these days we will be out of the stage that we dont have to buy 2 of everything to eliminate fighting! ahha but for now oh well.

This was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!! She had me laughing so hard as she was falling all over the place in these crazy things!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

old ladder and some Sunflowers ;)

had this old ladder in the back of the shed and when I went to use it to wash some windows I thought it would be so cute as a decoration! Next time I go to use it I might be a little annoyed but it is so unsurdy it is best holding some sunflowers anyway!!