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Monday, February 20, 2012

Morgan Layne

I have not written in this blog for over a year (or two!) so I thought I would start! I know I am going to be kicking myself when they are older and I realize I didnt document anything!
At the very start of this blog our 6 year old little girl asked us if she could wrestle. Yes that mean wrestle boys. We said no for a few weeks and then decided what the heck. I think on the last blog I wrote something like " now we will be finding her something else that she will like" well that has not been the case. She loves and and is doing wonderful! As the picture shows she was awarded the first outstanding female wrestler in over 11 years at a Rocky Mountain Nationals Tournament" This means she won, and she had the fasted pins out of anyone in her age group! It was very exciting to watch her walk on the stage and recive this! It was for sure a very proud moment. It was at the middle school state tournament in the Denver Collisum in front of a thousand people! She is doing such a great job with wrestling and continues to improve every day! In the wrestling community she is very much loved and supported! I know outside of that people to not agree with girls wrestling boys, but we will deal with that as we go! Great Job Morgan!!

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