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Thursday, January 28, 2010

what we have been doing for the last 7 years!!

This is my little family that I love so much!! As I am writing this I am listing to my little Morgan Layne, sing " Im 6 tommarow, Im 6 tommarow!!!" I really can not even believe this, It has gone by so fast. As I look back through the years that my kids have came into this world =) it is almost a blurr. I think that is why I decided to start writing a blog so I can recall my precious memories of my "goofy little family" They say and do things everyday that I know I should be writing down, and that I some day will regret if I dont. It seems like just yesterday they were just learning to walk, and now I am trying to keep up with their content test's in kindergarten and first grade!! :) They are learning so much and amaze me on how much their little brains can learn. I am blessed with 2 little children that can process and learn and think on their own. I really think most days that they have things figured out way better then I do. I will keep updated on the things they say to me daily that I think, oh my where and how did you learn that. Since my mom is always looking back and asking me, how was I at teaching you that??? haha! It alway's scares me when she ask's me that because it show's how we do our best to teach our children but in the end we have NO IDEA how we did or how we didnt'! :) that is why it is important to write it down??? maybe, I dont know. One thing she always did to us and told me to do is to talk to the kids all the time like adults. This is not to be misxed up with talk to them in an "advanced way" using words that are way over their head to act smart or something ;) but to just talk to them as we go about our day. I have done this and now realize that it helps to make them their "little people" they pick up on everything (witch could be bad :) sometimes) and they just have common sence about life. One thing to also remember is that it does not take a lot to impress and imprssion your kids. For example while I was just writing this, Morgan could not believe my ablity to dress 5 barbies in less then 1 minute! ahhahah Way too cute!!!!!!!

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