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Thursday, January 28, 2010

our little wrestler!!!

Kobi the little wrestler!! so we put Kobi in wrestling this year to help with confedence. Kobi is a tiny little guy like him momma and daddy when we were young. He was finding the rath of mean kids at school!! grrr! :) but that is going to happen we just need to give our kids tools for when this does happen! So now he does not feel tiny anymore! He feels like he can conqure the world and as a proud mom !!! He CAN!!! he has State this weekend and we can not wait to see how the little man is going to do. To show that he really does not care that his is small anymore, his faviorite nick name from me is "my littlest man" :) so when I call him that no judging, he really does like it, he told me! ;) He won districts, regionals, and a big National tournament! so he is doing great and we are loving watching him!! So for anyone that knows anything about wrestling, it takes a lot of commentment, time, and a lot of enegry to stay at a dual or tournament all day long!! :) Morgan gets a little board but all in all we love to all be there as a family, it doenst really matter what we are doing. It is just fun to be together so that is fun!!! Luke is also the coach for the 8 and unders so Kobi is loving having his daddy coach him.

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  1. also i realize that all words are not spelled right! i will spell check next time!!