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Friday, February 19, 2010

some pictures

Just some pictures that I love. Morgans Birthday, 1-29-10

This fall some pictures we took in front of our house my the creek. my sweet babies!
another one we tried to take ;) not that good but I still like it!

Morgan talking to Grandpa on her birthday

The knew friends Kobi has made during his wrestling season!

My little bubba being silly! Something funny about trying to be cool in a pink girls hat :)

Loving each other for the moment ;)

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  1. What great pictures! I love that you guys got snow! I am jealous! We haven't had ANY this year... Well it "slushed" (rain/snow mix) yesturday actually... Poor kids... I went to the mall (first time in seriously a year!) and forgot where I parked.... we walked ALL the way around the outside in the slush to find the van! LOL! I went left, when if I went right I would have walked like 300ft instead of 300 yards+!!! Your family is beauitful! =)