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Sunday, January 31, 2010


So yesterday was the big day for Kobi! We had a great day, very long but very good!! He had a full 16 man bracket and a few kids from the other region that he had never wrestled. When we got there we found out that the kid that Kobi would probably be wrestling for the Championship was the son of a kid that Luke used to wrestle when he was a kid!! ahahh! I thought this was very funny and odd! So this kid won state last year and it was his 3rd year wresetling! (Kobi's first) His leage was very clearly NOT taught the same sportsmanship that our leage teaches. The list: the dreaded Head Lock! The "mean handshake" , green MoeHawks" hahah! sizing thier competition up the WHOLE day and " the stink eye" hahahha!! anyways you get the point. For the first time all season Kobi was scared! Poor thing, all day we were trying our best to not let him think it was a big deal but you could just feel it in the air!! Kobi's day previous to this big match was awesome, he had 3 pins, 1 tech (beat them by 15 points or more). It was a great day but now it was time for the big anticipated match!! He went out so confident, it was awesome, while it looked like he was getting ready to wrestle a T-REX! ahha that is what this kid was acting like!! He went out their knowing it was possible to beat this guy. He held his own the whole 3 periods and ended up losing by 6 points.(1-7 was the score) We have never been so proud of him though! He gave it his all the entire match and did some amazing moves, and never got in the head lock!!haha Their were so many people watching this match. They could not believe how well he wrestled!! there was for sure a lot of cheering for the other kid but just as much for Kobi :) even a few tears! but not from me! no way!! Luke and I found out that as a parent when you tell your kid " we will be proud as long as you do your best" it really is true!! I was as proud of him for not giving up as I was if he would have won!! It was a great feeling!! Kobi cried and was so upset for a few minutes, but then realized he did all he could and was happy. Luke said that when he calmed down he said " dad, I know I could beat him, I want to wrestle him again". Hearing that makes me know that he has a "Champion attitued" As a mom, that is the most you could ever ask for.( now I have tears in my eyes! :) Even though Im sad they are growning up, I now know there is a lot of fun times to come!! Thanks for eveyone that care's and whats to be updated!! :) Kobi has a great team and is very supported! They all did a GREAT job!!!!!!

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  1. LOVE it! GO KOBI!! That is so fun that he is doing so well. You are such an amazing mom Christina! You're kids are beautiful, I miss you guys. I am so glad we can keep up with eachother this way now! I love that you are loving my blog and that it has inspired you, that was just what I hoped for for any readers! =) Love you darlen! Sara