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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Kobi getting after it at his soccer game tonight! He is playing 3v3 soccer with one of his best buddies and is loving it!! He scored his first goal tonight and it was so cute! He was cute telling his daddy that the ball was extra bouncy today and when he kicked it, it went really far for some reason ;) It has been fun watching his team learn to pass and work toghether, they are getting so great at it! Kobi was giggling at dinner telling me that the other team looked at him and said " you mean we have to play these midgets" then they beat them by a ton! Thats probably why Kobi finally even attempted to score a goal for the first time in a long time!! haha Well what ever works! Some sweet little girl said "that boys is tiny but might" it was so cute! he spends a lot of time on the ground but sure has learned how to get up fast know because of wrestling! it only takes him a split second now and last year I would be yelling for him to get up the whole game!

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