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Friday, January 29, 2010

My baby is 6 today!!!

So you have got to love WEB CAM!! Morgan got to wake up to Grandma and Grandpa singing to here today and even got to see them!! It was so great!!! My Aunt gave everyone them for Christmas and it was a great gift from her!! We are all really enjoying it!! Now the kids can see them when ever they want! and the best part!! My dad can HEAR us on it!!! Much better then the phone so Im loving that! She had morning Kindergarten today instead of afternoon, they switch them a couple times through out the year. So she was so excited to get up and go to school and bring cupcakes!!! I baught them last night and had some slim pickens!! I thought the ones I got were ugly but she ended up loving them!! Yay!! It was cupcakes shapped like a princess crown and BRight yellow and orange, wierd color choices! but she ended up loving it because it was good for the boys too. =) so it worked out perfect!

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